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Brook House report finds systemic flaws in Home Office decision-making & Rwanda policy

BID's summary of concerns raised by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Prisons' report on Brook House Immigration Removal Centre.
3 Oct 2022

Film documents Omar's experience of being locked in a cell for 22-23 hours a day for over a year

Watch “I need air” a short documentary by Omar, Yasmine Jessy Amar & Bail for Immigration Detainees.
31 Aug 2022

BID briefing on Home Office proposals to reopen Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre

Our briefing on Home Office plans to open a 400-capacity detention centre and why they must be resisted.
23 Aug 2022

Act now to stop plans to open a 400-capacity detention centre

We need your help to stop government plans to open a 400-capacity detention centre in Oxfordshire.
18 Aug 2022

BID briefing on GPS electronic monitoring of people on immigration bail

Briefing presents systemic problems with the government’s use of GPS Electronic Monitoring (EM) of people facing deportation.
17 Aug 2022

HMIP inspection of Colnbrook demonstrates appalling failings

Report demonstrates multiple failings in a centre where many people facing removal to Rwanda are now held.
11 Jul 2022

What is GPS tagging & how does it affect people's lives?

BID's Rudy Schulkind explains in this short video.
5 Jul 2022

Evidence from the first ever public inquiry into immigration detention

Read about the evidence given, including our own, as part of the Brook House Inquiry.
9 May 2022

Ask your MP to take a stand against deporting people seeking asylum to Rwanda

It takes less than two minutes to email your MP using our handy tool & template.
19 Apr 2022

BID and 150+ organisations oppose plans to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda

We have joined a powerful coalition of voices calling for the government to scrap these inhumane and unworkable plans.
14 Apr 2022

Families for Justice on ‘Separated Families: Unjust Deportations & the Families Left Behind’

Hear about the devastating impact of deportation on families torn apart by cruel Home Office policies.
13 Apr 2022

Irreconcilable: The government's position on Ukrainian refugees & the Nationality & Borders Bill

The Government's position on Ukrainian refugees is irreconcilable with the Nationality & Borders Bill. Ask your MP to take a stand for all refugees.
17 Mar 2022

Join thousands condemning the Nationality & Borders Bill

With MPs set to vote on the Bill tomorrow, join this diverse & sometimes surprising chorus of voices condemning the key principles behind this bill.
17 Mar 2022

Joint letter raises serious concerns over the Government's ‘Human Rights Act Reform’ consultation

BID has written a joint letter to Dominic Raab raising concerns about 'misleading' & 'partisan' consultation.
7 Mar 2022

BID responds to the 'Human Rights Act Reform' consulatation

BID concludes proposals are incoherent, unnecessary & would have the consequence of diminishing human rights protection in the UK.
4 Mar 2022

BID responds to the Napier Barracks planning application open consultation

Read our response to the Napier Barracks planning application open consultation.
28 Feb 2022

BID’s summary of the ICIBI’s second annual report on vulnerable adults in detention

Read our summary of this 126-page damning critique of the Home Office’s operation of the immigration detention system
28 Feb 2022

BID & Medical Justice Respond to the Prisons Strategy White Paper

Read BID & Medical Justice's Response to the Prisons Strategy White Paper.
9 Feb 2022

Eight reasons why the Home Office can't be trusted with more power

The Nationality & Borders Bill is making its way through the House of Lords but the Home Office can't be trusted with more power.
27 Jan 2022

Watch back: "I need air": Solitary confinement & Immigration detention

Watch back our event to hear how the Home Office routinely uses solitary confinement for immigration detention purposes.
26 Jan 2022

BID’s analysis of HMIP report into Dungavel IRC

HMIP report demonstrates the harmful impact of detention and its disproportionate use.
11 Nov 2021

Joint letter requests ICIBI inspection into Home Office decision making in cases involving children

Our evidence suggests that the Home Office routinely fails to consider the best interests of children. We ask the ICIBI to investigate.
4 Nov 2021

BID welcomes Supreme Court's landmark ruling in R(Majera)

The ruling is a timely reminder to the Home Secretary that her department is not above the law
21 Oct 2021

BID join over 100 organisations calling on the Government to abandon plans to criminalise refugees

Over 100 charities and human rights organisations have written to the Home Secretary, urging a generous and compassionate welcome to Afghan refugees.
2 Sep 2021

BID writes to the Home Office over failure to acknowledge EUSS applications

The Home Office is denying evidence of our clients’ EUSS applications, prolonging our clients' detention.
2 Aug 2021

BID briefing on detention of trafficking survivors

Policy changes and proposals set out in the Nationality and Borders Bill bill will dismantle the rights and protections of trafficking
29 Jul 2021

New research: ​"Every day is like torture": Solitary confinement & Immigration detention

New research documents the devastating impact upon immigration detainees in prisons of conditions amounting to indefinite solitary confinement.
8 Jul 2021

BID's response to the Nationality and Borders Bill

We raise the alarm about areas of the bill that pose a particular threat to our clients.
7 Jul 2021

No way out: Asylum accommodation & bail

For Refugee Week we highlight the hardships faced by homeless asylum seekers & refused asylum seekers applying for bail.
17 Jun 2021

Watch back: "Excessively cruel": Detention, deportation & separated families

Hear from our speakers on the impact of the UK's detention and deportation regime on families.
16 Jun 2021

BID and Liberty call for an end to intrusive GPS monitoring

Our letter, signed by 42 organisations, was covered in an article in the Guardian
14 Jun 2021

Reports highlight the harms faced by UK families threatened with a family member’s deportation

Reports call on the Government to recognise the impacts of the immigration system on UK families, including British children.
8 Jun 2021

Baroness Shami Chakrabarti to chair "Excessively cruel": Detention, deportation & separated families

Join Baroness Shami Chakrabarti at 4pm on 8th June for a discussion of the impact of the detention and deportation system on families.
3 Jun 2021

How the government plans to deport rough sleepers

How new rules make rough sleeping grounds for removal
13 May 2021

Organisations across the UK defend The Human Rights Act

BID volunteer Sigrid Corry reviews responses to the Independent Review of the Human Rights Act.
6 May 2021

BID writes to Priti Patel criticising 'New Plan for Immigration' consultation

The consultation process has been irredeemably flawed. Read our full letter to the government.
30 Apr 2021

Royal College of Psychiatrists document the impact of detention on mental health

BID welcomes report documenting the impact of detention on those with mental health illnesses.
21 Apr 2021

BID raises concerns on the use of prolonged solitary confinement in immigration detention

Read our letter to the Home Office about the use of solitary confinement for immigration detention purposes.
7 Apr 2021

BID's Briefing on Electronic Monitoring

Read our briefing on the Home Office's plans to implement new GPS monitoring of immigration detainees on immigration bail.
24 Mar 2021

BID's briefing on the Policing Bill

Read our briefing on how the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill will erode the rights of migrants.
18 Mar 2021

Read our joint evidence to the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee on SI 2021/184

Read our concerns about changes that will weaken the protections against detention afforded to potential victims of trafficking.
9 Mar 2021

BID's response to the call for evidence from the Independent Human Rights Review Panel

Read BID's response to the call for evidence from the Independent Human Rights Review Panel.
9 Mar 2021

BID volunteer Alice writes on the use of foreign aid in migration control

Policy volunteer Alice shares her research on the use of foreign aid in migration control
2 Mar 2021

Lack of legal aid advice for immigration detainees held in prisons ruled unlawful

In a judgment handed down today, Mr Justice Swift found that the current system is discriminatory and unlawful.
25 Feb 2021

Legal Advice in Detention - A 10 Year Review

A decade of data exposes multiple and compounding barriers to justice faced by people in detention.
4 Feb 2021

Watch back: Risky business: detention decision-making during the pandemic

Hear from our speakers including the BID team, a former client, Zita Holbourne from BARAC & Dr Juliet Cohen from Freedom from Torture
28 Jan 2021

Schedule 10: 3 years on

3 years on from the implementation of Schedule 10 of the Immigration Act 2016, we discuss how it has undermined the operation of the bail process.
21 Jan 2021

BID and 73 other organisations call for the urgent release of immigration detainees

BID has written a letter to the government calling for the release of everybody held in immigration detention, supported by 73 organisations.
15 Jan 2021

Dire conditions described by union of residents in Penally

The report​, prepared for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Immigration Detention, is a detailed illustration of living conditions.
24 Dec 2020

Immigration bail hearings during the Covid-19 pandemic

BID publishes new research on immigration bail hearings during the Covid-19 pandemic.
15 Dec 2020

Join our call for the urgent release of people held in prison under immigration powers

40 organisations signed our open letter to the Home Secretary. Email your MP to add your support.
3 Dec 2020

Watch back our first BIDREADS event with Lowkey & Dr Maya Goodfellow

Dr Maya Goodfellow discusses her book 'Hostile Environment: How Immigrants Became Scapegoats' with rapper & activist Lowkey
25 Nov 2020

New research published today examines the impact of family separation upon children

BID publishes new research to help people demonstrate to the court the impact their deportation will have upon their child.
20 Nov 2020

Detention and deportation during covid-19: what the figures tell us

As the Home Office continue their detention & deportation regime through the pandemic, we look at what the figures tell us
17 Nov 2020

BID’s evidence to the Independent Review of Administrative Law

Read BID's submissions on the future of judicial review & the future of legal aid
12 Nov 2020

The shifting landscape of immigration detention: Our response to the latest HMIP report

What Her Majesty’s Inspector of Prisons’ (HMIP) report reveals to us about the UK’s shifting landscape of immigration detention
27 Oct 2020

Anti Slavery Day: 50+ experts call for end to harms facing survivors

BID joins After Exploitation & over 50 other experts to call for the government to stop detaining victims of modern slavery
18 Oct 2020

Our client, Anna*, tells her story from inside Yarl's Wood

Despite what the government has told us, Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre is still being used to detain women.
16 Oct 2020

On World Mental Health Day, BID Legal Manager Adam discusses how detention affects mental health

BID Legal Manager Adam Spray discusses immigration detention & mental health as we mark World Mental Health Day
10 Oct 2020

Strategic Litigation: The case of Humnyntskyi, A & WP

A summary of this landmark case for which BID provided three witness statements.
30 Sep 2020

BID signs open letter along with over 31 other organisations demanding no return to normal

BID has signed an open letter to the UK immigration minister including 9 recommendations
10 Sep 2020

Immigration, Racism & the Prison Industrial Complex

Bethany Morris, Immigration Advice Service, explores the corporatisation of the UK's prison system
3 Sep 2020

Bail accommodation system ruled “systemically unfair”

BID speaks with Free Movement about this landmark High Court case for which BID provided three witness statements
2 Sep 2020

BID statement – Charter flight and people arriving in small boats

Read BID's statement about the charter flight and people arriving in small boats
12 Aug 2020

BID speaks on London-born twins Darrell & Darren Rogers facing deportation

BID speaks with the Guardian & the Mirror about the Home Office's decision to deport London-born twins Darrell & Darren Rogers
15 Jul 2020

BID response to Home Office position paper against a time limit for detention

Our response to the Home Office's political position paper justifying its use of immigration detention.
2 Jul 2020

BID volunteer Alice writes on the UK’s response to COVID-19 in immigration detention centres

Despite the Covid-19 risk, detention centres in the UK remain open. BID volunteer Alice compares the UK's response with other European countries.
21 Apr 2020

BID signs Runnymede Trust’s Open Letter 'Windrush: 10 urgent recommendations'

BID joins organisations urging the government to implement 10 recommendations following the Windrush Review.
14 Apr 2020

"Disposable lives" immigration detainees and COVID-19: BID's Rudy Schulkind writes for openDemocracy

Despite the health crisis, detention centres are still running. Rudy outlines how the plight of immigration detainees is highlighted during COVID-19.
14 Apr 2020

BID & Medical Justice submit evidence to the United Nations ICCPR review of the UK

BID & Medical Justice lay out urgently needed reforms in their joint submission to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
14 Jan 2020

BID 2019 Annual Report Published

With your support, we supported over 4,000 people to fight for their liberty last year. Read more in our Annual Report.
17 Dec 2019

Plans to rip-up Human Rights and Judicial Review and why they must be resisted

​Today on #HumanRightsDay we raise the alarm about threats to the Human Rights Act and Judicial Review
10 Dec 2019

Exploring calls for time limits on immigration detention

BID trustee Kezia Tobin discusses the recent calls for time limits on immigration detention.
17 Jun 2019

“Careless and cavalier” Home Affairs Select Committee slams immigration detention

Home Affairs Select Committee slams immigration detention system and Home Office management of it as witnesses give compelling evidence.
21 Mar 2019
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