BID’s longest-serving client: Detained for two years and ‘no risk of offending’

6 June 2019
BID Director Celia Clarke writes for the Justice Gap after one of our tweets captured the public's attention.

BID's Celia Clarke comments on the separation of families in the Independent

23 April 2019
BID's comment on the case of a woman facing deportation, despite having two British children who would have to be taken into care as a result.

Former BID client and Royal Security Guard speaks with the Guardian

19 February 2019
Read about Lyndon's detention in today's Guardian

BID's Legal Advice Survey covered by The Justice Gap

10 January 2019
Our Autumn 2018 Legal Advice Survey was covered in an article by Jon Robins for The Justice Gap.

BID works with the Guardian to expose the cruelty of immigration detention

2 November 2018
In October the Guardian launched its detention project, intended to expose the reality of immigration detention in the UK.

Windrush - former BID client interviewed by Amelia Gentleman for the Guardian

10 September 2018
Read the powerful story of a former BID client who was wrongly deported to Jamaica.

VICE politics podcast - an interview with BID's Nick Beales on the separation of families

6 September 2018

VICE politics podcast has released an in-depth interview with Nick Beales, explaining the government's practice of splitting up families through immigration detention. 

The Observer newspaper: our immigration detention system is “shameful”

6 August 2018
The newspaper’s editorial team stated that “any sense of basic justice or human compassion seems to have eluded the Home Office”.

High Court Order: the Home Office admits it unlawfully separated a father from his daughter

11 July 2018
Expert evidence from BID reveals this is not a one-off case but indicative of a systemic failure.

Children split from parents by immigration in UK

3 July 2018
Sky News article explains the traumatic effects for children separated from their parents, in the UK and abroad.

UK immigration authorities separating children from parents

3 July 2018
A Guardian article describes the devastating reality for parents detained in the UK today.

Children are separated from parents in the UK just like in Trump’s America

21 June 2018
BID director Celia Clarke shares the shocking reality of UK detention practices in the Metro.

Winning a deportation appeal: a good judge, on a good day

6 June 2018

Just a few days ago Thomas Beamont wrote on his blog about the Court of Appeal’s decision in Mwesezi v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] EWCA Civ 1104 in which the court upheld a decision to deport a foreign criminal. 

Home Office forcing people into homelessness, say refugee charities

3 June 2018
An article in The Herald discusses the dangerous consequences of the Home Office's "release to the streets" approach in Scotland.

Asylum seekers unlawfully held in IRCs for months despite ruling they can be released

27 May 2018
In response to criticism, the Home Office claims detention is "not dissimilar" to emergency housing. Read the full article here.

Home Office amends removals policy in response to legal challenge

25 May 2018
BID provided examples of the real life consequences of removals policy for people in immigration detention.

Duncan Lewis Solicitors challenge R v SSHD prompts new Chapter 60 removals policy

24 May 2018
The proceedings issued by Duncan Lewis Solicitors in November 2017 prompted the Secretary of State for Home Department's policy revision.

The London Legal Walk 2018

21 May 2018
Sponsor our team as they complete a 10 km walk through central London!

The Lawyer Awards 2018: the pro bono finalists

9 May 2018
BID and Allen & Overy made this year's shortlist for their Supreme Court challenge to the governments 'deport first, appeal later' policy.

Rogue solicitors exploiting vulnerable migrants by charging thousands for 'substandard' service

8 May 2018
The recent High Court ruling reveals that malpractice may have disqualified legitimate bail cases.

Brook House: Use of force against immigration detainees more than doubles in a year, watchdog finds

3 May 2018

Campaigners highlight the ‘endemic’ problems in the UK’s detention system. The use of force against people in one of the UK’s largest immigration detention centres has soared by more than 160 percent in two years, a watchdog report has revealed.

Revealed: The Lawyer Awards shortlist 2018

28 April 2018

Today The Lawyer reveals the shortlist for The Lawyer Awards 2018, in association with Travelers, the legal industry’s biggest night of the year. Allen & Overy and Bail for Immigration Detainees have been shortlisted for the pro bono initiative of the year.

Outsourcing Incarceration: Privitisation in Britain’s Immigration Detention Estate

27 April 2018

Serco CEO Rupert Soames, sporting a branded t-shirt adorned with the slogan “Serco and proud of it," cut a robust figure at last month’s’ Home Affairs’ Committee inquiry into conditions at Yarl’s Wood and Morton Hall IRCs. 

Court of Appeal to Home Office: go away

23 April 2018

An article by Nick Nason featured on the Free Movement website.

London: Play2Remember joined by Grenfell team

19 April 2018

On Sunday, April 15th 2018, Sudanese, Rwandans, and other survivors of genocide and mass violence gathered at White City Tiger Turf for London Play2Remember, our annual five-a-side 'Survivor' football tournament to commemorate the dead and honour the living. 

London Play2Remember

17 April 2018

Wilsons FC took part in their third London Play2Remember tournament on Sunday, seeing off Team Grenfell, the United Nations Association of the UK (UNA-UK) and Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) to bring home the third place trophy, securing the title of what could be described as ‘the best of the rest.

Disabled British citizen with no documents held in detention for months

9 April 2018

The case of Paul Tate, reported on my the Guardian, exemplifies the Kafka-esque proportions that immigration detention decisions can take. An article by Fabien Cante featured on the Migrants' Rights Network website.

Disabled Briton held in immigration removal centre for four months

4 April 2018

Judge refuses to free Paul Tate, 53, who was born in UK and says he has never travelled abroad. An article by Diane Taylor featured in The Guardian.

Challenging G4S’ ‘Catastrophic Failings’

28 March 2018

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID), a charity that assists those in immigration detention in the UK, is taking legal action against the British government in an attempt to pressure it into designating security company G4S as a ‘High Risk’ strategic supplier in the wake of ‘catastrophic failings’. An article by Rajesh Bhattacherjee featured on The Institute of Race Relations website.

Immigration detention: UK practices, compared with other EU countries

20 March 2018

Detention practices across Europe are steeped in contextual global and national politics. EU legislation stipulates that detention should be a ‘last resort’. Nevertheless, increased use of detention over the years in many European countries has been criticised as a systematic and administratively convenient way to detain and deport undocumented migrants. 

Home Affairs Committee probes “systemic” problems with immigration detention

19 March 2018

The Home Affairs Committee of MPs has announced that it is broadening an existing enquiry into the treatment of migrants held at Brook House detention centre to look at the detention system more widely.

Off The Grid: Haven of despair

15 March 2018

"Seeking asylum in the UK can be a long and painful process that leads many to detention. Off the Grid meets some former detainees who spent years behind bars." 

End the inhumanity of immigration detention

15 March 2018

A letter by campaigners responding to a highly critical report on the detention of torture victims at Harmondsworth immigration removal centre published in The Guardian.

Home Office broke its own rules on avoiding family separations

11 March 2018

Children taken into care in Manchester despite official guidelines after arrest of father. An article by Diane Taylor featured in The Guardian.

Race, class and Brexit: thinking from detention

9 March 2018

After the 2016 Brexit vote, the Guardian published a slew of articles about hard-working, white, tax-paying EU citizens threatened with deportation–yet nowhere mentioned Britain's existing deportation regime. Luke de Noronha asks what this says about race and class in Britain.

“We need humanity and accountability” in asylum housing

8 March 2018

Asylum tenants in Sheffield met to address the "unacceptable poor" and "substandard" housing conditions provided for them by G4S, Serco and Clearsprings. The government has denied these allegations, claiming that the standard of asylum housing has improved since 2012.

Indefinite detention and the Yarl's Wood Hunger Strike

8 March 2018

Immigration detention is once more in the news and was debated in Parliament this week, this time because of a hunger strike by women held at Yarls' Wood, the detention centre where abuse by guards was filmed undercover for Channel 4 in 2015. 

‘Leave no one behind’: how people detained in prison are often left forgotten in demands for reform

7 March 2018

Benny Hunter, Information and Communications Officer for AVID (Association for Visitors to Immigration Detainees), writes about the particular issues facing people who are detained indefinitely (under immigration powers) at the end of a prison sentence within the prison estate. 

Taking the legal fight to G4S and the government over detention

7 March 2018

It's unclear what G4S would have to do before the Home Office started treating them with the scepticism they deserve. 

Litigation effort ups pressure on detention centre management contracts with G4S

27 February 2018

Large private outsourcing companies such as Serco and G4S are routinely contracted by the government to manage immigration detention centres around the UK, as well as deliver housing to asylum seekers and refugees. 

Bail for Immigration Detainees launches legal action to ensure the government holds G4S to account

23 February 2018

Coverage of our campaign by Oxford Human Rights Hub. 

We’ve seen the contract between the UK government and G4S. This explains a lot.

23 February 2018

An article by Patrick Page featured in The Canary.

BID launches legal action against G4S

22 February 2018

G4S has government contracts to run asylum housing and immigration detention centres, among a range of other things. There have been repeated calls from refugee charities to hold them to account for widespread allegations of mismanagement and abuse.

Lack of power to detain stops imposition of bail conditions

20 February 2018

A lawful power to detain a person pending deportation was a precondition to the power to grant bail. Therefore the Special Immigration Appeal Commission had no jurisdiction to grant bail to a person who could no longer be lawfully detained because there was no reasonable prospect of deporting him and, consequently, had no power to continue to impose bail conditions on him.

The mounting list of scandals must be seen as systemic failings by the government...

20 February 2018

“The mounting list of scandals must be seen as systemic failings by the government, not one-off incidents”: BID hold G4S to account. 

Why people want to hold G4S to account: in their own words...

19 February 2018

Bail for Immigration Detainees has launched a legal action to ensure the government holds G4S accountable in the wake of a number of "catastrophic failings".

JusticeWatch: Behold the ‘majesty’ of our courts…

16 February 2018

A legal challenge has been launched in an attempt to force the government to acknowledge that the security company G4S is ‘high risk’ in the wake of a number of catastrophic failings.

Failings in detention centres mean G4S should be labelled high risk, charity says

16 February 2018

Failings in detention centres mean G4S should be labelled high risk, charity says. An article featured in The Times News Brief. Please note that this article is behind a paywall.

BID Take Legal Action Against UK Government to Designate G4S ‘High Risk’ Supplier

16 February 2018

Yesterday, Leigh Day solicitors acting on behalf of Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) launched formal legal action against the UK government in an attempt to force it to designate security company G4S a ‘High Risk’ strategic supplier in the wake of a number of catastrophic failings.

The need to hold ‘high risk’ G4S to account

16 February 2018

A legal challenge has been launched against the government in an attempt to force it to acknowledge the security company G4S as ‘high risk’ in the wake of a number of catastrophic failings.

UK: legal action launched to ensure govt. holds G4S to account for serious maltreatment of detainees

15 February 2018

UK: legal action launched to ensure government holds G4S to account for serious maltreatment of detainees. News article and resources around the case featured on the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre website.

Bail for Immigration Detainees launches legal action to ensure the government holds G4S to account

15 February 2018

An article featured on the Leigh Day website regarding the launch of legal action against the UK government over designation of G4S as 'high risk' strategic supplier.

Judicial review targets G4S “mismanagement” of detention centres

15 February 2018

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) has begun a judicial review challenge aimed at G4S, the controversial private company that runs two of the UK’s immigration detention centres. The charity aims to have G4S officially branded a “High Risk” supplier by the government in an effort to hold the outsourcing giant to account over conditions at its facilities.

Bail cannot be imposed on migrants if their detention is unlawful, rules Supreme Court

15 February 2018

The Home Office has lost a challenge in the Supreme Court to impose bail on immigration detainees whose detention in Immigration Removal Centres is found to be unlawful.  Caterina Franchi has written a piece for The Justice Gap covering and explaining the ruling. 

BID launches legal action to ensure the government holds G4S to account

15 February 2018
Formal legal action has been launched against the government to designate G4S a 'High Risk' supplier.

An 18-Year-Old Asylum-Seeker Who Hardly Speaks English Had To Fight His Appeal Without A Lawyer

12 February 2018

The number of people given public funding to fight an immigration case is lower than in any previous quarter on record. An article by Emily Dugan from BuzzFeed News.

Supreme Court Judgment in B v SSHD

8 February 2018

The Supreme Court unanimously rules that the Home Office cannot impose bail on someone whom it cannot lawfully detain.

EU nationals held in immigration detention soars under Tories

27 January 2018

The number of EU citizens being detained at immigration removal centres across the UK has risen dramatically since the Conservatives came to power, according to official statistics. 

Migration targets are a form of calculated inhumanity

17 January 2018

Unlawful detention by the Home Office has reached a new level – and it’s being done on purpose. 

Britain Grows Increasingly Hostile to EU Citizens

7 December 2017

Ever since the Brexit referendum in June 2016, European Union citizens in the UK have felt increasingly unwelcome. Harrassment is on the rise and the government itself has fed the hate. An article by Jörg Schindler featured in der Spiegel online.

Dramatic decline in access to legal help for immigration detainees, reports charity

6 December 2017

A piece by Caterina Franchi featured in The Justice Gap about our Autumn 2017 Legal Advice Survey.

‘Marcin was crying, begging for help’: crisis of EU migrants detained in the UK

3 December 2017

The death of a Pole was one of three suicides in detention centres in a month, and relatives claim the Home Office is covering up cell deaths.

Immigration Judges Say “Too Many People Are Banged Up” In Detention

29 November 2017

A Bar Council report shown exclusively to BuzzFeed News reveals many detainees do not get the legal advice they're entitled to, and are held for months for no crime.

Home Office systematically ignores medical advice to keep mentally ill immigrants in detention

26 November 2017

Exclusive: Hundreds of immigrants with mental health conditions being held in detention centres against advice of medical practitioners and in breach of Government policy. 

When Britain can deport EU citizens – according to the law

23 November 2017

Despite the fact that EU citizens enjoy the right to move to and live in other member states, the UK government has recently ramped up efforts to deport them.

Fourth death at Lincoln immigration removal centre prompts inquiry

21 November 2017

Death of 27-year-old Iraqi man at Morton Hall immigration removal centre is fourth fatality at centre in a year.

Home Office 'locking migrants in rooms for more than 13 hours a day' in breach of human rights

17 November 2017

Exclusive: ‘Lock-ups’ and insanitary conditions violate human rights of detainees, lawyers say.

European Commission looking into the potential breaches of European law

3 November 2017

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, the European Commission is now looking into the potential breaches of European law by the British government regarding European citizens living in the UK.

U.K.: European Commission Investigates Increased Deportations Of EU Citizens

2 November 2017

The European Commission is investigating whether the United Kingdom has violated EU rules that permit EU citizens to move freely through the bloc. 

Brussels ‘looking into’ UK deportations of EU citizens

2 November 2017

The European Commission is looking into reports the British government is creating a hostile environment for European Union citizens living in the UK.

Alarm over rise in UK deportations of EU citizens

31 October 2017

BID's director Celia Clarke was interviewed by Euronews about the rise in UK deportations of EU nationals.

Alarm over rise in UK deportations of EU citizens

31 October 2017

There are growing concerns that the British government is creating a hostile environment for EU citizens living in the UK before Brexit has even materialised.

Home Office detaining sexual violence victims in breach of its own guidelines, finds report

31 October 2017

Politicians and lawyers say the government's failure to comply with its own policy amounts to 'callous disregard' for well being of vulnerable women.

UK Tells EU Citizen to Leave or Face Destitution

30 October 2017

A letter written by the Home Office is just the latest instance of the UK's hardline stance in respect to EU citizens who risk being deported since Brexit was approved. 

Government tells Romanian national in immigration detention to leave UK or 'end up on the streets'

29 October 2017

The man was denied his request for emergency accommodation and told to go to another EU country for help.

Home Office letter tells EU citizen to ‘go home or go elsewhere’

29 October 2017

Anger from campaigners as Romanian national in detention centre is advised by officials to leave the UK to ‘avoid becoming destitute’. 

Cruel and unjust: scandal of how immigration centres have become big business

24 October 2017

Unnoticed by most of the population, the UK has developed a cruel and unjust immigration system, which is ensnaring growing numbers of Europeans. 

An unidentified Jamaican detainee, 38, dies in a detention center in England

6 October 2017

An investigation has been launched into the death of a 38-year-old immigration detainee after the Home office confirmed that a Jamaican man died on Tuesday while being held at Morton Hall immigration removal center in Lincoln. 

Investigation begins after Jamaican detainee, 38, dies

4 October 2017

An investigation has been launched into the death of a 38-year-old immigration detainee after the Home office confirmed that he died on Tuesday at Morton Hall immigration removal centre.

Home Office under harsh criticism at European Commission for its unjust deportations

2 October 2017

The increasing number of embarrassing reports of Home Office blunders potentially or actually resulting in the detention and deportation of legally resident EU citizens has resulted in an EU investigation. 

Rise in detention and deportation of EU citizens under scrutiny

2 October 2017

The UK’s increased detention and deportation of EU citizens from Britain is being examined by the European Commission, which has warned it will take “appropriate action” if necessary.

European Commission investigating sharp rise in detention and deportation of EU citizens from UK

1 October 2017

The European Commission is investigating the sharp rise in detention and deportation of EU citizens from the UK since the Brexit vote amid concerns the government may be acting unlawfully.

Brussels investigates UK over deported EU citizens

30 September 2017

The Home Office has been accused of ‘riding roughshod’ over free movement rights despite Theresa May’s promise to protect Europeans.

European Commission investigating sharp rise in detention and deportation of EU citizens from UK

30 September 2017

Deportations are at their highest since records began, with 5,301 EU nationals removed during the year ending June 2017

Immigration detainee allegedly choked by G4S guard demands public inquiry

25 September 2017

An immigration detainee who was filmed being choked by a G4S guard has launched legal action demanding a public inquiry into his and others’ treatment at the hands of the Home Office and G4S.

Human Rights of Immigration Detainees and Deportees in a Hostile Environment

25 September 2017

Our Assistant Director Pierre Makhlouf has written an article published in the Autumn 2017 issue of European Judaism. 

G4S bosses slammed by MPs for ‘system failure’ at Brook House

18 September 2017

Senior executives from G4S were blasted by MPs for not having ‘a grip’ on the crisis at Brook House as exposed by a recent Panorama. 

Brook House

16 September 2017

Jon Robins writing on the devastating BBC Panorama investigation featured in Criminal Law and Justice Weekly. 

G4S faces investigation over running of immigration detention centre where detainees were abused

15 September 2017

G4S faces an investigation over allegations it has been overcharging the Home Office to run a scandal-hit immigration detention centre where migrants have been abused and humiliated.

Proof magazine: Be afraid without legal aid

14 September 2017

Earlier this year the Justice Alliance hosted a roundtable discussion with access to justice warriors, thinkers and doers to talk about why we need legal aid now more than ever. Report by Will Bordell and photos by Jess Hurd.

Immigration detention: How the government is breaking its own rules

9 September 2017

An excellent article by our wonderful former volunteer Annahita Moradi about the excesses of immigration detention:

‘Barely a third’ of immigration detainees aware of entitlement to free legal advice

7 September 2017

The justice minister was asked about access to legal advice inside immigration removal centres following the furore over a BBC Panorama investigation into Brook House.

BBC Panorama exposes the culture of abuse in immigration detention

6 September 2017

Free Movement's piece on the BBC Panorama "Undercover: Britain's Immigration Secrets."

Statement from BID on the Panorama: Undercover: Britain’s Immigration Secrets

5 September 2017

Statement from Bail for Immigration Detainees on the Panorama: Undercover: Britain’s Immigration Secrets

European Commission investigating sharp rise in detention and deportation of EU citizens from UK

3 September 2017

Deportations are at their highest since records began, with 5,301 EU nationals removed during the year ending June 2017.

Number of EU citizens detained in UK up by 27%, figures show

23 August 2017

Home Office statistics also show sixfold increase since 2009 in those held for suspected immigration offences

Migrant Rights Groups Call for Full Amnesty for Survivors of the Grenfell Tower Fire

19 July 2017

Migrant rights, race relations, and community groups have signed an open letter calling for full immigration amnesty to all survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire who do not have regularised immigration status. 

The Times Lawyer of the week: Tom Giles

29 June 2017

A wonderful Q&A with Tom Giles, one of the solicitors in Kairie & Byndloss

The UK government deported +1,000 people in breach of their human rights. Here’s why.

22 June 2017

A blog post by Ben Amunwa, looking at the landmark UK Supreme Court decision in R (on the application of Kiarie and Byndloss) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] UKSC 42 on out-of-country rights of appeal.

Supreme Court rules that the Home Office policy of ‘deport first, appeal later’ is unlawful

18 June 2017

Coram Children's Legal Centre has welcomed the Supreme Court's judgment in R (on the application of Kiarie) v Secretary of State for the Home Department; R (on the application of Byndloss) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] UKSC 42. It has urged the Government to review its policy of deportation prior to appeal and insure that all individuals have an opportunity for a fair hearing in immigration proceedings.

UK Supreme Court challenges ‘deport now, appeal later’ immigration policy

14 June 2017

R (on the application of Kiarie) (Appellant) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Respondent); R (on the application of Byndloss) (Appellant) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Respondent) [2017] UKSC 4.

R (Kiarie) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Bail for Immigration Detainees Intervening)

14 June 2017

The Supreme Court has allowed two test case judicial review claims by foreign nationals facing deportation, quashing the Secretary of State’s ‘remove-first’ certificates, whose effect would have been to leave them to appeal from overseas.

Indefinite detention does not breach ECHR says European Court of Human Rights

30 April 2017

Unlike most other European countries, there is no time limit on immigration detention in the UK. In addition, the law does not provide for an automatic judicial review of the lawfulness of detention. 

Bianca Venkata discusses volunteering with BID

13 April 2017

Following Bar Chairman Andrew Langdon QC’s call to support Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) in Counsel Magazine, Bianca Venkata discusses why this is such an important cause.

Immigration detention

1 March 2017

Andrew Langdon QC adds the Bar’s weight to a chorus of criticism on the intolerable state of immigration detention: no judicial scrutiny; no time limits; and scant access to justice

U.K.’s secret detention policy of immigrants

20 February 2017

Every year, the British government detains hundreds of immigrants in prison, denying them even the most basic support to access the justice system. These people are just a fraction of the tens of thousands of immigrants detained across the U.K. in detention centers but for immigrants in prison, their numbers are never officially recorded.

Fractured Childhoods: The Separation of Families by Immigration Detention

20 February 2017

A guest piece in Border Criminologies, by our Research and Policy Manager, John Hopgood

New report shows detainees in prison denied immigration advice

15 February 2017

Hundreds of foreign nationals in the UK are being denied access to immigration advice according to new research from the charity Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID). In their new report, Mind the Gap: Immigration Advice for Detainees in Prisons, BID has found that just 1 in 20 people held under immigration powers in prison have received independent advice on their immigration case. More than 10% of immigration detainees in the UK – some 500 at any one time – are held in prisons rather than Immigration Removal Centres.

Every year, the U.K. secretly detains hundreds of immigrants in prison

10 February 2017

An article by BID's Policy & Research manager, John Hopgood featured in Newsweek

JusticeWatch: ‘Making simple problems into complex arguments’

20 January 2017

The government had finally ‘set the ball rolling’ in the long-awaited/ much delayed LASPO review. 

Theresa May must explain ‘disgraceful’ fivefold rise in EU citizens held in detention centres

19 January 2017

‘If this is how our Government treats our friends then we should be very worried,’ says Tim Farron

Fivefold increase in number of EU citizens held in UK detention centres since Tories took power

18 January 2017

Some detained for losing their ID card or holding a birthday party in a park - prompting claims the Government is seeking to deter others from moving to Britain.

Immigration detention: being a surety/cautioner

3 January 2017

A guide published by Right to Remain

Only one quarter of immigration detainees able to access legal aid, according to BID survey

15 December 2016

Just one quarter of immigration detainees were able to access legal aid, according to new research. Article by Jon Robins.

What gave you hope in the fight against detention in 2016?

15 December 2016

What gave you hope in the fight against detention in 2016, and how are you planning to use that hope in 2017?

Blocking detainees’ access to legal advice websites probably breaches Article 10 ECHR

13 December 2016

Free Movement has reported twice on immigration removal centres (IRCs) blocking access to websites informing detainees of their legal rights. HM Chief Inspector of Prisons criticised Haslar IRC two years ago for having the websites of Bail for Immigration Detainees and Amnesty International blocked.

Half of all detained migrants in Britain have no lawyer due to legal aid cuts

9 December 2016

Thousands of migrants held in Britain’s detention centers currently have no legal representation. Many have been incarcerated for more than a year solely because of their immigration status, a new report reveals.

UK cuts legal aid to immigrants, report claims

9 December 2016

Half of immigrants held in Britain's detention centers do not have legal representation due to cuts in legal aid, according to a report that criticized the U.K.'s treatment of asylum-seekers and refugees.

‘Unacceptable’ lack of representation for detainees

9 December 2016

Nearly half of immigration detainees do not have legal representation, according to latest research from an independent charity, which says the figure is ‘at odds’ with the British value of the rule of law.

Half of immigration detainees in UK have no representation because of legal aid cuts, report finds

2 December 2016

Cuts to legal aid have left thousands of immigrants held in UK detention centres to manage their case by themselves.

United Kingdom Immigration Detention Profile

1 October 2016

The United Kingdom has one of the largest immigration detention systems in Europe, confining up to 4,000 people—including children—in detention every day under Immigration Act powers. 

Yes, really…G4S

19 September 2016

A blog piece by Liberty regarding the award of a contract by the Government to G4S to run a helpline for victims of discrimination.

Theresa May has blindsided the public once more and imposed another harmful policy

14 September 2016

Parliament has passed a new immigration detention policy. And it has done so without proper debate on the issue. But instead of protecting vulnerable adults as was demanded, the new policy may put them in more harm.

New Adults at Risk policy needs urgent review

13 September 2016

The following letter was published by the Guardian on Sunday, September 11:

New immigration detention policy for ‘adults at risk’ needs urgent review

11 September 2016

More than 30,000 people are held under immigration powers in the UK each year without time limit. Indefinite detention is damaging to mental health, and Home Office policy stipulates that vulnerable people should not be detained. However, many are, and in the last few years there have been five court findings of “inhuman and degrading” treatment of detainees.

High Court finds system allocating bail accommodation to immigration detainees operating unlawfully

22 July 2016

In a judgment handed down on 21 July 2016, the High Court found that the Home Office system for allocating bail addresses to high-risk immigration detainees is operating unlawfully.

Tribunal fee rise is a threat to migrants’ rights

11 July 2016

A letter signed by BID and other organisations regarding the rise to tribunal fees.

Reuniting Separated Families

5 July 2016

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) has launched a CrowdJustice campaign aimed at securing funding for their Separated Families project.

Bail for Immigration Detainees Meets Initial Fundraising Target

1 July 2016

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) is delighted to have reached their initial ‘all or nothing’ fundraising target. Their stretch target is £25,000 so that we can reach another 100 people with our Separated Families’ Project and so please continue to support this important campaign.

Spotlight on BID's Separated Families: Emma & Ali's story

30 June 2016

BID (Bail for Immigration Detainees) is an independent charity that exists to challenge immigration detention. Last year, they helped reunite 110 families torn apart by immigration detention by providing vital legal advice to parents in detention, supporting them to apply for bail and to challenge their deportation. 

Imperial academic recognised as part of this year's Refugee Week

20 June 2016

A temporary plaque has been erected at the College in honour of Professor Walter Hayman, who came to the UK from Germany in 1938, aged 12.

BID's Reuniting Families Campaign

14 June 2016

Each year, BID helps reunite around 100 families who have been torn apart by the horrors of immigration detention. Every year, the government detains over 30,000 people for immigration purposes, routinely separating mothers and fathers from their children. Losing a parent to detention – never knowing how long they will be gone for – is devastating for a child. That’s why BID has a special team dedicated to providing parents who have been detained away from their children with legal advice and representation to help them apply for bail and to challenge their deportation.

Bail for Immigration Detainees - Fundraising

13 June 2016

Immigration detention is the only form of detention in the UK without limits. The government doesn’t have to get a judge’s permission to detain someone. There is no time limit on detention. People can be detained for six months, a year, two years or even longer. Last year 32,446 people subject to immigration control in the UK were detained by the government.

Families separated for immigration purposes

13 June 2016

Last year 32,446 people subject to immigration control in the UK were detained by the government. Some had entered the country irregularly and were quickly removed. Others were detained pending removal or deportation. More than half of them were released back into the community, meaning that their detention had served no purpose.

Bail for Immigration Detainees launches CrowdJustice Campaign

12 June 2016

On Monday 13th June, Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) has launched a CrowdJustice campaign aimed at securing funding for their vital Separated Families project.

100 groups standing against Human Rights Act repeal

18 May 2016

Lockerbie relatives, footballer supporters and domestic violence survivors among 100 groups standing against Human Rights Act repeal.

O v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2016]

27 April 2016

O v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2016] UKSC 19: Supreme Court judgment safeguards rights of immigration detainees.

Alternatives to Detention at a Crossroads: Humanisation or Criminalisation?

10 February 2016

An article by Alice Bloomfield, published in the Refugee Survey Quarterly.

Bail for Immigration Detainees releases unredacted Home Office country returns guidance

6 January 2016

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) reported today that it has succeeded in persuading the Home Office to reverse its decision to redact particular parts of its Country Returns Documentation Guide following an appeal brought by BID to the First-tier Tribunal.

Stateless in Europe: 'We are no people with no nation'

27 December 2015

The High Court has ruled that the immigration detention of two families was unlawful. The judge found that the detention of the families of Reetha Suppiah and Sakinat Bello breached articles 5 and 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 – the right to liberty and the right to family life. The court also found that detention is capable of causing significant and long-lasting harm to children, and that there is a considerable body of evidence of the policy not being properly applied. 

Imprisoning immigration detainees is not unlawful, rules Court of Appeal

27 November 2015

The Court of Appeal last week ruled that although detention in an immigration removal centre [IRC] was ‘generally more appropriate’ for detainees than prison, the practice was lawful and not in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), article 5 which safeguards the right to liberty and security.

Observing Immigration Bail Applications: communicating remotely?

5 November 2015

First Immigration Bail observation in Scotland gets underway with involvement of School of Law staff and students

Dover Immigration Removal Centre to close

23 October 2015

Dover Immigration Removal Centre has served as home to many of its inhabitants for months or even years. It has received damning reportsdue to its prison-like conditions and long periods of detention. On 15thOctober the Home Office finally announced that it would shut. This announcement came without reasons or warning for either the migrants or those who stand to lose their jobs due to the closure.

The Immigration Bill 2015

18 September 2015

The Immigration Bill 2015 was published on 17 September 2015. For now, this post provides links to further reading and resources on the Bill and also some commentary on the appeals sections.

Refugee crisis: Meet the London couple who offered a home to someone who needed help

5 September 2015

‘We’ve been surprised how easy it has been,’ says one London couple who took in a refugee from Uganda.

The Plight of Immigrant Offenders Kicked Out of the UK Before They Can Appeal

14 July 2015

"Deport first, appeal later" legislation means immigrants who commit minor crimes can only appeal after they've already been removed and, in many cases, left destitute.

Rethinking ‘Vulnerability’ in Detention: a Crisis of Harm

1 July 2015

Report by the Detention Forum’s Vulnerable People Working Group.

Immigration detainees banned from Twitter and Facebook

17 May 2015

A new Detention Services Order 04/2016 about internet access for detainees has just been published. This is the first time the Home Office has set central guidelines on internet access for immigration detainees. The Order makes clear that all detainee internet usage is monitored and centrally recorded.

UK equates asylum seekers with criminals?

3 April 2015

“They rob you of your dignity and treat you like criminals, and they can storm into your room without any caution or notice,” said a former detainee regarding the treatment that security guards mete out at the Yarl’s Wood Immigration and Removal Centre in Bedfordshire, UK. 

How exiles are using social media but fear spies listening in

25 March 2015

In an article from the refugee voices special issue of Index on Censorship Magazine, Jason DaPonte looks at how migrants are using technology to keep in touch with distant relatives, and the security risks this can bring.

Prison efficiency savings and more restricted regimes

18 March 2015

Prison efficiency savings and more restricted regimes: bad news for immigration detainees held in prison estate

Detainees on hungerstrike: watch BID's interview with RT News

13 March 2015

An interview with RT News

Yarl’s Wood: legal black hole

9 March 2015

Women in Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre have become increasingly desperate as repeated rounds of legal aid cuts introduced by the UK Government have made it more difficult for them to access justice.

UK immigration detention: the truth is out

5 March 2015

Successive governments have ignored and dismissed complaints of suffering in UK immigration lock-ups. This week, in Parliament and on national television, fresh evidence has been heard.

UK immigration detention: the truth is out

1 March 2015

Successive governments have ignored and dismissed complaints of suffering in UK immigration lock-ups. This week, in Parliament and on national television, fresh evidence has been heard.

The state of children’s rights in England

29 January 2015

The British government is still failing to uphold UN conventions in its treatment of asylum-seeking children and child refugees, according to the Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE).

Church censures prison-like detention

21 November 2014

The holding of asylum-seekers in conditions more like prison, with no obvious end to their detention, is causing stress and insecurity, an official Church of England submission has told the Government.

Justice committee: MPs feeling the pressure of LASPO cuts

28 October 2014

An article by Caislin Bowle featued in the Legal Voice:

Home Office urged to use force against detained children

9 October 2014

More children should be detained and guards should have the option of using force against them. That's the extraordinary conclusion of the Independent Family Returns Panel, chaired by former director of Education and Children's Services Chris Spencer. An article featured on

Home News Dropped deportation cases cast doubt on Home Office decision making

9 October 2014

More than one in three families with children initially earmarked to be deported from the UK had the cases against them dropped, official figures show.

Hidden from view: the plight of immigration detainees in prisons

18 September 2014

Holding immigrant detainees in prisons beyond their sentence was ‘fundamentally flawed’, according to a damning report by Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID). Whilst both prison and immigration removal centres meant a loss of liberty, prisons posed far greater difficulties for immigration detainees already in a relatively powerless position, the group argued.

BID report examines the hidden use of prisons for immigration detention

15 September 2014

BID says over 1,000 are held in prison for the purposes of immigration detention and are entirely absent from published Home Office statistics.

Foreign national prisoners: the fear of being forgotten

12 September 2014

Too often for foreign national prisoners in Britain, the completion of a prison sentence is followed by a period of limbo behind a new set of bars while the state works out what to do next. Labelled 'undeserving', they are largely invisible.

Immigration Detention News

9 July 2014

Immigration Detention News and how to submit evidence in first ever parliamentary inquiry into detention conditions in the UK.

HMIP: Amnesty International website blocked for immigration detainees

9 July 2014

The latest unannounced official HMIP report on Haslar immigration detention centre reveals that the centre staff had blocked the websites for Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) and Amnesty International.

UK immigration detainees banned from accessing refugee support and human rights websites

9 July 2014

The Free Movement blog quotes a recent unannounced official HMIP report on Haslar immigration detention centre which reveals that centre staff had blocked the websites for Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) and Amnesty International. According to the report’s authors.

Exclusive: ‘Stateless’ asylum seeker found dead in his prison cell

4 June 2014

Immigrants’ rights group describes man’s detention at HMP The Verne, as ‘inappropriate’

Review of evidence to LASPO Act impact inquiry

1 June 2014

This special feature reproduces a selection of the submissions to the Justice Committee in response to its call for written evidence into the impact of the changes to civil legal aid under the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Act 2012.

Trafficked children need guardians

6 April 2014

A letter signed by BID and other organisations published in the Guardian.

My Week: Salma Iqbal advises detainees on returning home

4 February 2014

My Week: Salma Iqbal advises detainees on returning home.

Parliamentary Opposition to Immigration Bill steps up

20 January 2014

Wednesday 15 January saw a packed Committee Room 12 in the Palace of Westminster as MAX (Movement Against Xenophobia) held a Parliamentary meeting to alert Lords to the insidious qualities of the Immigration Bill, coming their way from the Commons in the near future.

Why are we locking up migrants?

1 January 2014

A mental-health crisis, endemic self-harm, suicide and forced abandonment of children – Hazel Healy exposes the damage caused by the detention of immigrants.

Refugee children need guardians

13 December 2013

A letter signed by BID and other organisations published in the Guardian. 

Immigration Bill

18 November 2013

A joint letter from charities including BID on the implications of the Immigration Bill for child welfare.

Jimmy Mubenga: What kind of society can treat the death of an immigrant so casually?

6 August 2013

Disrespected by the state, and demonised by the press - the most pressing "fears about migration" are those that belong to migrants.

Government's proposed changes to legal aid threaten children’s access to justice

11 July 2013

Government's proposed changes to legal aid threaten children’s access to justice - letter to The Daily Telegraph

Children and legal aid

11 July 2013

An article around the Government's proposed changes to legal aid threaten children’s access to justice.

‘Will today be remembered as the day that justice in the UK died?’

6 June 2013

‘This organisation thinks that legal aid is an avocado,’ Michael Fordham QC told hundreds of lawyers and campaigners outside the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday night. ‘They think it’s soft,’ he said. ‘They think you can cut it whenever you want – and keep cutting it – and they think it doesn’t matter because nobody really needs an avocado.’ The prominent human rights barrister was speaking at a ‘Save UK Justice’ demo organised in less than a week by trainees from the Tottenham-based legal aid firm Wilsons Solicitors LLP to protest against the government’s latest attack on legal aid, reports Mary-Rachel McCabe.

Immigration detention separates children from parents, report shows

21 May 2013

A new study in the UK has revealed that children are separated from parents by immigration detention.

UK immigration control: children in extreme distress

6 May 2013

Alarming numbers of parents are being separated from their children indefinitely in the UK for the purposes of immigration control. It is difficult to imagine any other situation where children could have such scant attention paid to their welfare, says Sarah Campbell. 

Immigration Detention and the Rule of Law

1 May 2013

National Report: United Kingdom from the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law.

Why is the government intent on breaking up these families?

23 April 2013

A piece by Sarah Campbell featured on the Liberal Conspiracy website.

Effect of detention on children

19 April 2013

Immigration detention dehumanises not only the detainee but also every person who deals with it. It is a poison that infects us all. The professionals who deal with detainees and their families develop coping mechanisms.

UKBA condemned for separating 200 children from their parents

19 April 2013

Government facing renewed calls to end the practice of separating children from their parents for immigration purposes.

Border Agency criticised for separating children from parents

19 April 2013

Children are being placed at risk of serious harm by the detention of parents on immigration grounds, a charity has claimed.

UKBA separates 200 children from their parents

18 April 2013

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has repeatedly failed to uphold its legal duty to safeguard children of immigrants during their parents' detention and separated 200 of them from their family, according to a new report.

Access to the internet at immigration detention centres

11 April 2013

Several lawyers and visitors have heard anecdotes of access to various legal websites being restricted, Bail for Immigration Detainees being perhaps the most controversial and outrageous, but the list of websites seems to vary from one detention centre to another and websites are added to and taken off the individual centre blacklists from time to time.

NHS takes over immigration detention health care

4 April 2013

The NHS takeover of immigration detainees’ health care was perhaps the only positive news on 1 April, when the coalition’s ‘great benefits reform’ was inaugurated at the same time that most housing, debt, employment, social security and immigration advice and casework was removed from the scope of legal aid.

Palpable desperation: Inside the invisible world of immigration detention

13 March 2013

Recent reports of sexual abuse at Yarl’s Wood shine a small spotlight on the otherwise invisible world of immigration detention. They detail how guards preyed on isolated women, subjecting them to unwanted advances, using their positions of power to coerce them into sexual acts. Shocking yes. But sadly not much of a surprise to people who work with immigration detainees.

More threats to legal rights of unwanted migrants

10 January 2013

A number of coalition measures will have potentially disastrous consequences for migrants and asylum seekers.

Revised BID handbook on bail 'How to get out of detention' published

6 November 2012

Bail for Immigration Detainees' (BID) latest handbook on making bail applications, 'How to get out of detention: a free guide for detainees', was released on November 5th.

Bail for Immigration Detainees

29 October 2012

A piece from Colin Yeo.

Foreign national prisoners: access to justice

27 September 2012

There is a pressing need for accessible, high quality immigration advice in prisons and immigration removal centres (IRCs), a need which is recognised in official policy and specialist guidance, writes Adeline Trude and Gemma Lousley. 

Migrants and stop and search: know your rights

12 July 2012

A campaign has been launched to provide people with vital information if they are subject to or witness a raid by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

Deportee families face unfair attack

18 June 2012

A letter signed by BID and other organisations published in The Guardian.

Judge brands detention irrational, unlawful and degrading

26 April 2012

Another High Court judge rebukes the UK Border Agency for its detention of mentally ill foreign offenders.

BID letter in the Guardian on the need to respect human rights for foreign national ex-offenders

17 April 2012

BID's Director, Celia Clarke, wrote to the Guardian recently to highlight ongoing attempts by the Home Secretary to erect barriers to foreign nationals exercising their Article 8 right to a private and family life.  

Extradition to the US is an abuse of justice

16 April 2012

A letter by BID's director, Celia Clarke, featured in The Guardian.

Foreign nationals & LASPO

9 March 2012

The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Bill, which received another bashing in the House of Lords this week, is not a particularly friendly piece of legislation if you happen to be a non-UK citizen.

Response to G4S: 900 asylum seekers face eviction in Yorkshire

23 February 2012

Academics take issue with G4S’ defence of its treatment of asylum seekers.

Asylum seeker housing managed by for-profit prison guards? Why not

8 February 2012

The UK Border Agency invites the company that killed Jimmy Mubenga to manage housing for vulnerable asylum seekers. The government’s ‘preferred bidders’ for contracts to house vulnerable asylum seekers are Reliance Security and two multinational security companies — G4S and Serco — best known for immigration prisons, forcible deportations and failings in their duty of care to vulnerable people.

Indefinite detention: not very British

8 February 2012

The decision of the European Court of Human Rights that Abu Qatada cannot, for now, be deported to Jordan because of the risk of a trial using evidence obtained by torture has nothing to do with the Human Rights Act. Unless the UK were to withdraw entirely from the European Convention on Human Rights, that decision would always have been reached with or without our own Human Rights Act.

Visit to Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre

20 January 2012

Wednesday the 18th of January saw my first visit to an Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) in my capacity as a trustee of Bail for Immigration Detainees. 

Second immigration detention ruled ‘inhuman or degrading’

22 December 2011

For the second time in three months, a High Court judge has condemned the immigration detention of a mentally ill offender as inhuman or degrading.

Yarl's Wood detains too many pregnant women, prisons inspector says

7 December 2011

Report highlights case of one expectant mother who collapsed during four-day journey from Northern Ireland to Bedfordshire.

UKBA accused of breaking pledge to end child detention

16 October 2011

FOI request by Children's Society shows 700 children detained at south-east ports in four-month period to August.

Shameful side to the Tory catflap

5 October 2011

A letter signed by BID published in The Guardian.

NGOs urge the Home Affairs Select Committee not to ignore the issue of unlawful detention

3 October 2011

Today, 35 NGOs have written to the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC), urging him to ‘apply scrutiny to the issue of unlawful detention’ in their forthcoming inquiry into asylum and migration.  The letter was drafted by Bail for Immigration Detainees, Freedom from Torture and Detention Action after the idea was mooted at the Detention Forum quarterly meeting on 14th September. 

Legal aid cuts leave migrants and asylum seekers vulnerable

15 July 2011

A letter signed by BID and other organisations published in the Guardian.

UK breaches article 3 ECHR in its treatment of immigration detainees

26 June 2011

This post comes from Anna Morvern, an immigration lawyer at Law Centre (NI)who writes here in a personal capacity.  Anna has worked with and for immigration detainees for a number of years, as Legal Officer at Bail for Immigration Detainees and as an activist with various groups, including the Refugee Action Group in Northern Ireland.

Last resort or first resort? Immigration detention of children in the UK

27 May 2011

BID and The Children's Society have published a new report on the detention of children for immigration purposes, titled ‘Last resort or first resort? Immigration detention of children in the UK.

Home Office falsely imprisoned sex offender

25 May 2011

The Home Office falsely imprisoned a convicted sex offender in an immigration detention centre for nearly two years because of a failure to carry out regular reviews, a court has ruled.

Immigration officials detained mother unlawfully

20 April 2011

A High Court judge has ruled immigration officials acted unlawfully in their handling of the case of a mother who was detained for close to a year and separated from her three children.

A mighty victory for FNPs

24 March 2011

Two foreign national prisoners (FNPs), Kadian Mighty and Walumba Lumba, have won a significant victory for the rule of law in the Supreme Court.

Home Office ‘falsely imprisoned’ foreign national prisoners

24 March 2011

The Home Office has been found to have operated an unlawful and secret policy of keeping nearly all foreign prisoners locked up beyond their sentence.

Charity To Support Failed Asylum Families

10 March 2011

Families who fail in their bid to claim asylum in the UK will be offered support from leading children's charity Barnardo's while they await deportation.

New podcast from Harriet Grant for The Guardian on the detention of foreign national ex-offenders

28 February 2011

Guardian Focus podcast: The indefinite detention of foreign prisoners

The Testimony Project

15 February 2011

A piece from our Director, Celia Clarke

Immigration detention of families in breach of Article 8, rules High Court

17 January 2011

The High Court has ruled that the immigration detention of two families was unlawful. The judge found that the detention of the families of Reetha Suppiah and Sakinat Bello breached articles 5 and 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 – the right to liberty and the right to family life.

Immigration detention of children: a judge gets tough

13 January 2011

A High Court judge has ruled that families with children can be detained for removal only in exceptional circumstances.

An end to child detention? How a High Court judgement brings us closer

13 January 2011

In a landmark judgment on child detention at Yarl’s Wood, Judge Wyn Williams found that the UK Border Agency failed to uphold its own rules and breached claimants’ rights to freedom, privacy and family life. The coalition government’s plans to continue detaining children until May now look to be in ruins.

Asylum children detention ruled illegal

11 January 2011

Forced detention of the children of two failed asylum seeker mothers at Yarl's Wood immigration centre was ruled unlawful by the High Court today.

Yarl's Wood child detention ruled unlawful

11 January 2011

High court decision adds to pressure on government with acknowledgement that immigration detention can damage children.

BID is the 2010 winner of the JUSTICE Human Rights Award

9 December 2010

BID is delighted to have won the 2010 JUSTICE Human Rights Award.  BID was nominated "for its tireless work on behalf of some of the most vulnerable, marginalised and maligned sections of our community - from providing assistance to over 2,000 people held in immigration detention to the key Supreme Court cases SK and WL".  

Croydon asylum centre will be as bad as Yarl's Wood, says charity

28 November 2010

Warning of 'unacceptable distress and disruption" because of inadequate safeguards for children's safety.

Children's rights campaigners hail drop in immigration detention, but call for more progress

25 November 2010

Children's rights campaigners have welcomed a drop in the number of children detained under the Immigration Act.

A nice judge on a good day...

22 November 2010

A blog post by Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.

Peers call for children to be released from immigration centres

12 November 2010

Letter to Guardian says there is 'clear evidence that this is harmful' as government delays after pledge to end practice.

Triple vulnerability: the lives of Britain's undocumented migrant children

9 November 2010

Undocumented migrant children in the UK stand at the crossroads of different and conflicting policy agendas. The unresolved tension between commitments to protect children's rights and to securing borders is shaping their everyday lives in Britain.

Open talk on detention and the asylum process

28 October 2010

Adeline Trude from Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) and Francis Webber of the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) will be leading a talk about understanding immigration bail and the asylum process Saturday 2 October. The talk will be held at the Gateshead Civic Centre at 11.30 (talk starts at 12.)

Child detention in immigration centres faces legal challenge

26 October 2010

Home Office to fight high court case of two mothers whose children became ill after being detained in Yarl's Wood.

Campaigners highlight child detention case as govt action 'stalls'

26 October 2010

Campaigners are seizing on a test case on child detention before the high court today, as observers start to lose faith in the government's promise to end the practice.

This was state-sponsored cruelty last year. It still is

16 September 2010

Nick Clegg's passionate attack on the detention of children in immigration centres is not reflected by his government in action.

Immigration Detainees failed by system

16 September 2010

An important new report from Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID), A nice judge on a good day: immigration bail and the right to liberty, reveals the systemic failures within the Home Office and the legal system which consign detainees to oblivion for months or years.

Act now on child refugee detainees

9 September 2010

A letter signed by BID and other organisations published in The Guardian.

Clegg signals end of child detention with Yarl's Wood family unit closure

21 July 2010

The family wing of Yarl's Wood immigration centre is to be closed as part of government plans to end the detention of children awaiting deportation, Nick Clegg announced today. The move was hailed by the Liberal Democrats as a sign of their influence in the coalition although it was also mired in confusion.

Yarl's Wood detention centre's family wing to be shut down

21 July 2010

Nick Clegg describes facility opened by Labour government, which detains up to 1,000 children a year, as a 'moral outrage'.

How good is the good news on child detention?

20 May 2010

The heralded end to the detention of children in centres like Yarl’s Wood has to be treated with caution.

Asylum children will be kept out of 'distressing' detention centres

14 April 2010

Damian Green, the immigration minister, is to end the practice of keeping children in detention centres within the next few months.

Minister ‘admits paying millions to detained migrants’

20 February 2010

Immigration minister Phil Woolas has admitted millions of pounds are being paid in compensation to migrants who have been detained in removal centres.

Children's Commissioner calls for an end to detaining children in the asylum system

18 February 2010

Sir Al Aynsley-Green, Children's Commissioner for England, has published a progress report into conditions in which children are held at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre.

Mothers go on hunger strike at immigration centre after being separated from children

9 February 2010

A group of up to 80 mothers detained at an immigration centre have gone in hunger strike in protest at being separated from their children, it has emerged.

Family wins £100,000 for detention ordeal

29 January 2010

Bolivian asylum seekers were falsely imprisoned and children traumatised after being held at centre.

Petition to end detention of children

6 January 2010

End Child Detention has launched a national petition to Prime Minister Gordon Brown calling for an end of the scandal of children being held in detention centres.

Move children out of migrant centres, say medical experts

10 December 2009

Detaining children in immigration centres puts them at risk of mental health problems, a coalition of royal medical colleges warns the government.

We are shockingly complacent about locking up 2,000 children a year

18 October 2009

The plight of the children of asylum seekers represents a sadly unexceptional failure of public conscience- Henry Porter

Children made 'sick with fear' in UK immigration detention centres

13 October 2009

Weight loss, difficulty sleeping, bed-wetting and sickness among symptoms found at Yarl's Wood.

Ministers under fire for locking up immigrant children

30 August 2009

Ministers were facing accusations today that hundreds of children are being held unnecessarily in immigration detention centres as official figures revealed, for the first time, that 470 minors were being detained with their families.

Asylum seekers speak: 'Nothing can give us back the last seven years'

8 August 2009

Parents and children who have already suffered unbearable trauma endure even more from the British asylum system, says Natasha Walter. Here, one mother and one child tell us what happened to their families.

New project to end immigration detention of children

13 May 2009

A new project has been launched to end the detention of children and their families for immigration purposes.

In detention: Schools in immigration removal centres

14 April 2009

'I asked if the teacher had been in contact with my son's school. She said they never did that.' Janet Murray on how children held in immigration centres are denied education.

Charities call on government to turn ‘rhetoric into reality’

7 October 2008

Leading UK charities have called on the government to act upon its promise of ending its discriminatory treatment of children seeking asylum.

Bail success rates

19 September 2008

Bail for Immigration Detainees recently obtained statistics from the Ministry of Justice on the number of bail applications that are made at different hearing centres, and the outcomes of those hearings. There is quite a disparity in outcomes. For example, once withdrawn cases are set aside, the percentage of bail applicants granted at Taylor House in Central London was 39%, compared to 17% for Hatton Cross in West London, 23% at Newport and 16% at Glasgow.

Bail system 'not set up to get a fair hearing' says Refugee Council

10 March 2008

Two of the leading agencies working with detained asylum seekers and migrants today call on the Home Office to suspend the roll-out of video-link hearings for detainees applying for bail from immigration removal centres.

Indefinite detention of four Algerian men unlawful

28 February 2008

Four Algerian men, each detained for between eleven and seventeen months whilst they awaited deportation, have been released following a landmark ruling which found that their detention was unlawful. This case has significance for those large numbers of detainees who continue to remain detained unnecessarily, and possibly unlawfully, for long periods.

Judge frees three Algerians from detention limbo

22 January 2008

Three Algerians who have been detained for up to 18 months while waiting for deportation - even though they want to return home - were yesterday granted bail by a high court judge.

'Kafkaesque' plight of Algerians who want to be deported

14 January 2008

Four Algerians who have been detained for between 14 and 18 months pending deportation - even though they want to return home - will invoke the ancient law of habeas corpus to seek their freedom in a high court test case next week.Their case, which will be heard next Monday, will shine a spotlight on detainees who are routinely subjected to much longer periods in custody than the controversial 42 days maximum ministers are seeking for suspects detained before charge.

New publication criticises the detention of migrant families

12 July 2007

A new publication from the charity Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) criticises the UK government’s policy of detaining migrant families and examines the negative impacts it has on children.

Bail for Immigration Detainees Free Movement Editorial

17 May 2007

The title of this post is a reference both to the excellent organisation, Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID to its friends) and to the underlying concept. BID helps immigration detainees make bail applications and works with the Free Representation Unit to get (mainly) barristers to do pro bono lists of bail cases at the major hearing centres, mainly Taylor House near Angel in London, York House near Heathrow and Newport, where Campsfield Detention Centre bail applications are heard.

British Asian faced deportation threat

1 March 2007

A British Asian was held in a detention centre for nearly two months and threatened with deportation to Pakistan because Home Office officials believed he was a foreigner.

Britain's shameful deportations of asylum seekers

26 February 2007

A letter published in the Guardian by Colin Firth.

Kenny Peter’s inquest points to asylum failures

5 October 2006

On 15 September, an inquest found that yet another asylum seeker had taken his life in detention. Unusually, in such cases, in addition to a self-harm verdict, the jury also listed the numerous ways in which the system, supposed to care for vulnerable detainees, had failed to do so.

Asylum and Immigration Legal Advice at Risk

4 October 2006

A wide-ranging review of all areas of legal aid is currently taking place.[1] As part of this review, the Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA) has announced proposals to change how publicly-funded immigration and asylum legal advice is provided.[2] The Legal Services Commission (LSC) is running a consultation on these proposals, which ends on 12 October.

Asylum children: Jailed at birth

29 July 2006

They are the forgotten victims of Britain's asylum system: babies born behind bars and locked up in detention centres.

Leading UK Lawyers Petition US Appeal Court Re Racism in Case of Death Row Journalist

18 July 2006

Press Conference, 19 July, 2006, 6.30pm Garden Court Chambers, 57-60 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LS.

‘No place for a child’: A campaign to free children in detention

4 May 2006

A major campaign is underway to generate public and parliamentary support to free the 2,000 children detained in the UK each year for immigration purposes.

'Prison culture' at asylum centre

16 April 2006

The chief inspector of prisons says an asylum detention centre is in a "disgraceful state" despite a critical report demanding change.

More than 2,000 children of asylum-seekers detained

27 March 2006

More than 2,000 children of asylum-seekers are locked up every year, leaving them suffering depression, nightmares and eating problems, a coalition of campaign groups has warned.

Pressure to end returns to DRC

6 December 2005

Over fifty people, mainly asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), demonstrated outside the Home Office following the broadcast of a BBC radio documentary on the fate of asylum seekers who are deported back to the DRC.

Holding the state to account for the deaths of vulnerable asylum seekers

20 October 2005

A recent meeting on deaths in immigration detention centres called for the state to be held accountable for the deaths of vulnerable asylum seekers.

Deaths in immigration detention and violent deportations to dangerous countries

19 October 2005

A campaign meeting called by Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) .

Doctors question their role in human rights violation of asylum seekers

2 August 2005

Doctors met recently to discuss the right to health of detained asylum seekers and their invidious role as gatekeepers to health care.

Fight to prevent deportation of injured asylum seeker

7 July 2005

Despite a 21-year-old asylum seeker being served with three removal notices and sustaining a broken hand during one attempted deportation to Congo-Brazzaville, he has, with the help of campaigners, now been given temporary admission to the UK and submitted a fresh asylum application based on new evidence.

A review of detention in the UK in 2004

23 February 2005

A review of detention in the UK in 2004 by Bill MacKeith from

The grim fate that awaits those deported to Congo

2 December 2004

In an interview with IRR News, Congolese human rights activist René Kabala Mushiya alleges that asylum seekers deported to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) face prison and death.

Asylum seekers still held in jail

1 September 2004

Home Office flouts commitment on detainees and angers prison staff with 'dumping' policy.

Control and Deterrence Discourses of detention of asylum-seekers

1 January 2004

Sussex Migration Working Paper no. 20

Detention in the United Kingdom

1 June 2003

Detailed information on detention centres in the UK, adapted and updated from information provided to the Brussels conference on 5/6 February 03.

Immigration Detention in the UK - children and vulnerable people

1 April 2003

Children in asylum seeking families can be detained indefinitely at any stage of their claim to remain in the UK. There are around 40 family places in detention centres (now called 'removal centres') but no routinely available statistics about the number of children detained, at what stage of their case, or for how long. In answer to a recent parliamentary question, the government revealed that there were 56 children in immigration detention on 2nd April 2003. These children are detained under the same criteria as single adults.

Haslar- A place of no return

6 February 2003

The Haslar Centre’s sole purpose is to hold asylum seekers pending their removal. It is a place of no return. Haslar, formerly a prison, became Haslar Removal Centre on 8 February 2002 and is run for the Immigration and Nationality Department by prison service staff.

Worlds apart

7 January 2003

Is it right for asylum-seeking children to be taken out of school and taught in detention centres? Diane Taylor reports.

Hard labour

14 September 2002

The Home Office says it rarely, if ever, detains asylum seekers if they are pregnant or have infants. But many studies don't back up that claim, so Melanie McFadyean set out to investigate - and found yet another shameful chapter to add to the UK's record on refugees.

A safe haven, if convenient

4 December 2001

Hilton Matiza and Gerald Muketiwa must be wondering what the British government's condemnation of Robert Mugabe's regime for human rights abuses really means. It clearly doesn't mean that even when regimes are held up as tyrannical and brutal, Britain will provide a safe haven to people fleeing them. Matiza and Muketiwa left Zimbabwe after alleged brutality, torture and death threats, but they are facing deportation this week after their applications for asylum were refused.

Britain's jailed asylum seekers

23 August 2001

The UK has been condemned by the United Nations for being the only country in Europe to detain asylum seekers in prison.Britain is holding 1,800 detainees under the UK Immigration Act, more than 1,000 of them in regular prisons.

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