Stateless in Europe: 'We are no people with no nation'

27 December 2015

The High Court has ruled that the immigration detention of two families was unlawful. The judge found that the detention of the families of Reetha Suppiah and Sakinat Bello breached articles 5 and 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 – the right to liberty and the right to family life. The court also found that detention is capable of causing significant and long-lasting harm to children, and that there is a considerable body of evidence of the policy not being properly applied. 

Imprisoning immigration detainees is not unlawful, rules Court of Appeal

27 November 2015

The Court of Appeal last week ruled that although detention in an immigration removal centre [IRC] was ‘generally more appropriate’ for detainees than prison, the practice was lawful and not in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), article 5 which safeguards the right to liberty and security.

Observing Immigration Bail Applications: communicating remotely?

5 November 2015

First Immigration Bail observation in Scotland gets underway with involvement of School of Law staff and students

Dover Immigration Removal Centre to close

23 October 2015

Dover Immigration Removal Centre has served as home to many of its inhabitants for months or even years. It has received damning reportsdue to its prison-like conditions and long periods of detention. On 15thOctober the Home Office finally announced that it would shut. This announcement came without reasons or warning for either the migrants or those who stand to lose their jobs due to the closure.

Families separated by immigration detention losing out from Legal Aid cuts - BID report

24 September 2015

As the Government launches its new Immigration Bill, Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) today published its latest report that analyses the impact that cuts to legal aid have had on families.

The Immigration Bill 2015

18 September 2015

The Immigration Bill 2015 was published on 17 September 2015. For now, this post provides links to further reading and resources on the Bill and also some commentary on the appeals sections.

BID publishes latest Legal Advice Survey results

10 September 2015

As many as half of all detainees may not have access to legal representation, according to BID’s latest legal advice survey. The tenth edition of BID’s six-monthly survey, carried out in May this year, spoke to 136 people currently detained under Immigration Act powers. Of them, 50% didn’t currently have a legal representative.

Refugee crisis: Meet the London couple who offered a home to someone who needed help

5 September 2015

‘We’ve been surprised how easy it has been,’ says one London couple who took in a refugee from Uganda.

The Plight of Immigrant Offenders Kicked Out of the UK Before They Can Appeal

14 July 2015

"Deport first, appeal later" legislation means immigrants who commit minor crimes can only appeal after they've already been removed and, in many cases, left destitute.

Rethinking ‘Vulnerability’ in Detention: a Crisis of Harm

1 July 2015

Report by the Detention Forum’s Vulnerable People Working Group.

Immigration detainees banned from Twitter and Facebook

17 May 2015

A new Detention Services Order 04/2016 about internet access for detainees has just been published. This is the first time the Home Office has set central guidelines on internet access for immigration detainees. The Order makes clear that all detainee internet usage is monitored and centrally recorded.

UK equates asylum seekers with criminals?

3 April 2015

“They rob you of your dignity and treat you like criminals, and they can storm into your room without any caution or notice,” said a former detainee regarding the treatment that security guards mete out at the Yarl’s Wood Immigration and Removal Centre in Bedfordshire, UK. 

Labour Party backs time limit for immigration detention in the UK - but not for all detainees

26 March 2015

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) welcomes Yvette Cooper’s announcement that the Labour Party would introduce a time limit on immigration detention.  We agree with Yvette Cooper that detention “can be deeply scarring”.  

How exiles are using social media but fear spies listening in

25 March 2015

In an article from the refugee voices special issue of Index on Censorship Magazine, Jason DaPonte looks at how migrants are using technology to keep in touch with distant relatives, and the security risks this can bring.

Prison efficiency savings and more restricted regimes

18 March 2015

Prison efficiency savings and more restricted regimes: bad news for immigration detainees held in prison estate

Access to justice for immigration detainees held in prison estate

16 March 2015

Article by BID for the IMB Independent Monitor on access to justice for immigration detainees held in prison estate

Detainees on hungerstrike: watch BID's interview with RT News

13 March 2015

An interview with RT News

Parliament’s Justice Committee: legal aid cuts ‘failed to target help where needed’

12 March 2015

Parliament’s Justice Committee has published a damning report, which finds that the Government has ‘limited access to justice for some of those who need legal aid the most.’ (1)

Yarl’s Wood: legal black hole

9 March 2015

Women in Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre have become increasingly desperate as repeated rounds of legal aid cuts introduced by the UK Government have made it more difficult for them to access justice.

New European research report calls on Governments to implement alternatives to detention

6 March 2015

The Odysseus Network has published a new report on the use of alternatives to immigration detention in 13 EU member states, including the UK. The report notes with concern that: 

UK immigration detention: the truth is out

5 March 2015

Successive governments have ignored and dismissed complaints of suffering in UK immigration lock-ups. This week, in Parliament and on national television, fresh evidence has been heard.

BID shares concerns of UK parliamentarians about the use of immigration detention

3 March 2015

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) welcomes the publication of the report of the Joint Inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Refugees and Migration into the use of immigration detention in the UK. This wide-ranging, careful, timely, and compassionate inquiry rightly took as its starting point the powerful testimony of those who have lost their liberty through administrative detention in the immigration removal centres and prisons of the UK. 

UK immigration detention: the truth is out

1 March 2015

Successive governments have ignored and dismissed complaints of suffering in UK immigration lock-ups. This week, in Parliament and on national television, fresh evidence has been heard.

BID calls for immigration detention be subject to regular, automatic judicial oversight & time limit

27 February 2015

There is currently no maximum period in the UK for the detention of foreign nationals under immigration powers.  The UK is alone in Europe in having no upper limit on detention.

The state of children’s rights in England

29 January 2015

The British government is still failing to uphold UN conventions in its treatment of asylum-seeking children and child refugees, according to the Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE).

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