Charities call on government to turn ‘rhetoric into reality’

7 October 2008

Leading UK charities have called on the government to act upon its promise of ending its discriminatory treatment of children seeking asylum.

Bail success rates

19 September 2008

Bail for Immigration Detainees recently obtained statistics from the Ministry of Justice on the number of bail applications that are made at different hearing centres, and the outcomes of those hearings. There is quite a disparity in outcomes. For example, once withdrawn cases are set aside, the percentage of bail applicants granted at Taylor House in Central London was 39%, compared to 17% for Hatton Cross in West London, 23% at Newport and 16% at Glasgow.

Bail system 'not set up to get a fair hearing' says Refugee Council

10 March 2008

Two of the leading agencies working with detained asylum seekers and migrants today call on the Home Office to suspend the roll-out of video-link hearings for detainees applying for bail from immigration removal centres.

Indefinite detention of four Algerian men unlawful

28 February 2008

Four Algerian men, each detained for between eleven and seventeen months whilst they awaited deportation, have been released following a landmark ruling which found that their detention was unlawful. This case has significance for those large numbers of detainees who continue to remain detained unnecessarily, and possibly unlawfully, for long periods.

Judge frees three Algerians from detention limbo

22 January 2008

Three Algerians who have been detained for up to 18 months while waiting for deportation - even though they want to return home - were yesterday granted bail by a high court judge.

'Kafkaesque' plight of Algerians who want to be deported

14 January 2008

Four Algerians who have been detained for between 14 and 18 months pending deportation - even though they want to return home - will invoke the ancient law of habeas corpus to seek their freedom in a high court test case next week.Their case, which will be heard next Monday, will shine a spotlight on detainees who are routinely subjected to much longer periods in custody than the controversial 42 days maximum ministers are seeking for suspects detained before charge.

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