"Detention is by far the worst place and experience I have gone through in my life. For someone like me who endured torture, harm, torment and abuse in my home country. The endless trauma and flashbacks which followed me across the oceans was relived in detention and made my conditions rather worse."

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"If they refuse me that’s alright, because I don’t want to stay in this country, because I don’t want to waste my life in the detention centre. It just makes me mentally and physically upset here." 

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"The tough thing is this environment. Not being able to go out, to do things, to move on, being locked up... Sometimes it’s like somebody’s suffocating me, like I can’t breathe. Because every time I just look at walls, walls."

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"Detention is like prison, you are locked up. There is no difference between prison and detention."

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"In the night time I can’t sleep, and you don’t have anyone to go to; and you don’t have anywhere to go out, and get some fresh air, and maybe have a walk or something, we are just inside, I think that really is depressing."

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"The difficult thing about being in detention here is not knowing where you are, not knowing where you stand basically. They don’t give you much information."

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"The second time I went into detention, it was the worst...when I used to hear that people had committed suicide, I used to say that nothing would make me take away my life. But when I was detained the second time, inside the van, that was when I realised that when you are in so much pain, when you are harming yourself, you do not feel the pain."

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