For those who celebrate, Christmas is a precious time of year. However for those separated from their families by immigration detention, it is a time of particular pain and anguish. 

Despite having a statutory duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, the Home Office routinely separates parents from their children by sending them to immigration detention.  

Separation from their parents causes children extreme distress - many of the children of BID’s clients have lost weight, suffered from recurring nightmares, and experienced insomnia. Cara and Isaac's story says it all:

"We used to visit but as they got older I couldn’t keep subjecting them to it. My son wanted his dad to leave [the detention centre] with us. It was too hard to explain what was going on to a two year old, he couldn’t understand. I know Isaac found it really hard not seeing them. The kids withdrew within themselves, it affected our daughter with her school, she had to go and see a counsellor.”

This time last year we worked with Cara and her partner Isaac to apply for bail three times before Isaac was released just in time to spend Christmas with his three children. 

“Being released was the best feeling in the whole wide world...I got to spend Christmas with my family. BID is the best I swear I don’t know what I would do without BID, it is a blessing.”

Here at BID we believe all detention is harmful and should be ended. Our vision is of a world free of immigration detention, where people are not deprived of their liberty for immigration purposes. We are powered towards this by the generous support of sympathetic volunteers and donors who keep our vital services going. Immigration detention damages lives – please help us reunite families by making a donation to support our work this Christmas. You can read more about Cara and Isaac's story here.

We wont give up until we #EndDetention. Will you help us reunite more families like Cara and Isaac's?

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