Families, children and detention

BID works with large numbers of parents in immigration detention who have children living in the community. These children, who include babies and toddlers, are often extremely distressed at being separated from their parent. BID has worked with children who have lost weight, had nightmares and suffered from insomnia during their parent's incarceration.

Since 2002, BID has been campaigning to end the immigration detention of children and their famillies. We were therefore delighted in May 2010, when the coalition government announced that child detention would end. We are gravely concerned that children continue to be detained, albeit in smaller numbers and for shorter periods. We are calling on the government to fulfil their commitment to end this unacceptable practice.

Helpline for detainees

Tel: 020 7456 9750
Fax: 020 3745 5226

Helpline open Monday to Thursday between 10am and 12 midday


020 7456 9762 (Monday to Friday)
Please note, it is not possible to get information or advice via this number.

Crafted by Tincan