BID’s Deportation Advice Project

In April 2014, BID and the University of Law launched our new Article 8 Deportation Advice Project – ADAP. The project provides free legal advice and representation to people who are challenging their deportation on the basis of long residence and/or family life in the UK. ADAP is a three year project, and is funded by the AB Charitable Trust and Unbound Philanthropy.

Why the project was set up

In April 2013, the Government introduced wide-ranging cuts to legal aid. Since then, the vast majority of people making immigration claims have not been able to access legal aid.

BID has received many calls from people who want to challenge their deportation, but are unable to do so without the help of a legal representative. Often, these people cannot afford to pay for advice.

Some of these calls are from detainees who came to the UK as children, and have lived here all their lives. They may have children of their own who were born here, are British Citizens, and do not know any other home.

We have set up ADAP to assist a small number of the many people who desperately need representation. We are also gathering evidence from our casework to challenge the cuts to legal aid for immigration cases.

Who can be assisted by ADAP

Unfortunately, due to our limited resources, we are only able to assist a small number of people.

The project is focussed on assisting people who have been convicted of criminal offences, and are challenging their deportation on the basis of their right to private and family life. We assist people in this situation who are long term residents in the UK and/or have a family life in the UK with a partner and/or children.

We are only able to assist people who are not eligible for legal aid as a result of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, or who are awaiting recognition of their eligibility following an application for Exceptional Case Funding.

We can help both detainees and people living in the community who are facing deportation

Services provided by ADAP

In addition to representing people who are challenging their deportation, the project will run occasional outreach advice sessions in prisons and Immigration Removal Centres. 

We will also produce self-help materials for people facing deportation who cannot access representation. All our leaflets will be made available on the BID website to download and copies will be provided to prisons and Immigration Removal Centres to be placed in their libraries.

Please keep an eye on this webpage for updates on our services.

ADAP is managed by a Level 3 OISC-accredited legal adviser, working with volunteer support, in collaboration with two solicitors based at the University of Law.



Helpline for detainees

Tel: 020 7456 9750
Fax: 020 3745 5226

Helpline open Monday to Thursday between 10am and 12 midday


020 7456 9762 (Monday to Friday)
Please note, it is not possible to get information or advice via this number.

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