14 February 2012 Press Statement

NEW leaflet 'Accomodation and Financial Support on Release' for detainees, from BID and the Ex-Detainee Project at Dover Detainee Visitor Group

Many detainees are unaware of the accomodation and financial support they may be eligible for if they are released from detention, for example Section 4 or Section 95 support (such as Section 4 (1)(c) bail accomodation and support). Detainees may not realise that what they are eligible for will be different depending on whether they are released on Tribunal bail to a Section 4 address or to a private address, or if they are released on Temporary Admission.  Understanding these differences can help reduce destitution among released detainees.  

BID and the Ex-Detainee Project run by the Dover Detainee Visitor Group  have produced a leaflet for detainees on their accomodation options, with a 'small print' section on the back for support groups, including contact details for organisations that can help with destitution.

The next version will have further information on support options for detaineed EEA nationals.  A similar leaflet is being prepared on support options for families separated by detention, as well as a leaflet on access to healthcare on release from detention.

Many thanks to the Asylum Support Appeals Project for their invaluable help.

You can download the Accomodation and Financial Support on Release leaflet from the right hand column at the very bottom of this page.  It is also available on the Bulletins page  of our website

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