Information for Detainees

How to get out of detention

This section contains information on how to make a bail application yourself if you have no lawyer.  You do not need to know any legal words to apply for bail. BID can help you and support you through a bail application.

In this section you can find application forms for bail and Section 4 accommodation for a bail address, as well as information sheets or bulletins on issues like detained families, country-specific information, and what to do if you are in prison.  

  • Getting help from BID

    This section tells you how BID legal caseworkers can help you to apply for release from detention if you have no lawyer, or if your lawyer will not make a bail application for you.

    Getting help from BID

    Bulletins for Detainees

  • Bulletins for detainees

    BID produces a range of bulletins or information sheets for immigration detainees.   In this section you can download all current bulletins.  

  • Useful forms and the BID bail handbook

    This section contains all the forms you need to apply for immigration bail and the BID self-help bail notebook.

  • Travel documents

     If you do not have a valid passport the UK Border Agency will expect you to provide them with information about your identity to help them obtain travel documents for you.  If you want to obtain travel documents to leave the UK there are steps you can take - such as writing letters - to try to obtain them from your Embassy or High Commission in the UK.  BID’s Travel Document Project online will help you to understand the application process. 


    If you are detained but don't have a legal advisor we recommend that you try  to get legal representation via the Detention Duty Advice scheme in your removal centre. Ask in the Library or ask a Welfare Officer for more information. 

  • Help for ex-detainees

    Dover Detainee Visitors Group says "we understand that life after detention can be difficult. This is why we have started a newly designed Ex-Detainee Project, which aims at supporting released Ex-Detainees to reintegrate into the society and participate in their local community despite the hardships of limited support. We therefore help in particular those Ex-Detainees that are threatened by or experiencing destitution".

    The project is a nationwide project and will attempt to help detainees who have been in all removal centres.  The link to the project online is HERE

    What the project does:

    •  Provides general advice after release from detention
    • Reimburses travel expenses to reporting centres, doctors, hospitals, dentists, lawyers, etc.
    • Provides emergency accommodation and emergency food vouchers
    • Provides clothes or vouchers to buy some clothes
    • Organises an annual conference on ex-detainee needs and issues to serve as a forum of information exchange and the establishment of best practice guidelines

    Call the project on:

    0800 9179397 (for detainees, their families and ex-detainees only)
    Or 01304 242755

    Send the project a text message:

    Email the project on: